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Life on the road: A full time RVer

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AH! Tomorrow is the day I leave. I can’t believe it. I’ve actually managed to pack up my entire apartment and actually fit most of the stuff in my car.  I only had one melt down, and realized I will def. be getting rid of more stuff once I get to Corpus Christi (… you know those MK and coach bags I just COULD NOT part with…we are going to go our separate ways.) I’m so excited/scared/nervous! I may be 25 years old, but I still require my mother come with my to ALL doctors appointments. I’ve never been THIS far away from my parents. I know a little separation anxiety at 25 years old! Pathetic… but I’m okay with that. My mom is by far my BEST FRIEND. But life is about new adventures, and I’m about to begin my biggest so far!

So tomorrow I’ll drop my amazing fiancé, Joe, off at the airport for his 830 flight back to OUR new home. Come back home and pick up my little baby Eleu and my Dad, Hopefully throw the last few things into the car, and start the journey.

(I’ve added a few before and after packing pictures because my mom deserves tons of credit. Only a mother’s love would turn my disaster zone back into what I moved into).

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