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Hello, I’m Amy! I’m 25 years young, recently engaged and living in Maryland. My fiancé and I have been dating for 5 years, five wonderful years of long distance. So after he proposed we started to talk seriously about living together. Clearly!

  • PROBLEM #1: His job requires him to travel all the time for long periods of time to anywhere in the United States… making actually having a home base virtually impossible.

  • PROBLEM #2: I’m a registered nurse, and my job doesn’t require me to travel.

SOLUTION: I leave my job as a Registered Nurse, we buy a travel trailer and he, I, and little bitch (my mutt Pomeranian) live together in happiness our miniature home.

Now, me being me LOVES this idea but the worry wart in me… and I mean worry wart to the extreme couldn’t help but think of every negative thing. (I once gave myself a panic attack over a make believe situation…situation being a NUCLEAR BOMB was going to hit D.C and I didn’t think I would have time to meet up with my brother, pick up my dog and travel to WV to meet my parents….think about this.. I gave myself a PANIC attack about NUCLEAR BOMB attack clearly I’m close enough to D.C that if the bomb hit.. I’m dead anyways. Shesh.)

  • NEGATIVE ONE: Where the hell would my favorite possessions go…  my vintage Chanel that I can’t leave without, my numerous MK bags, my coach purses, my Gucci, wait.. my JEWELERY case… you see the problem

  • NEGATIVE THREE: Um…is this the only closest? Joe…where do I put my things?!

Now I never pictured myself as this materialist snob… but clearly she is in there… and she was being loud and obnoxious.

SOLUTION: Don’t give a fuck. And wonderful fiancé built a bigger closet for me. Now that’s true love people.

Okay, so I gave my notice at work (last day June 1st!), started selling all my big furniture, started to throw my clothes into bags for good will, took a serious look at my shoe and bag collection and made some hard decisions. Although the journey has already started the first mile of the journey begins on June 9th, where I’ll begin my new life with a visit to the Carolina Shores for some R&R with my family. From there my mother and I will drive to Texas where my wonderful fiancé has already started working hard.

So here is my blog… to document this snobby inner material girls journey though “roughing it” in a 31 foot travel trailer with my future husband and our little bitch. Hope you enjoy our story!

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