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We Are Under Attack!

Note to Self:

If you drop a peanut M&M on the floor in a tiny crack in a travel trailer and forget you dropped it for 2 weeks to a month your going to have problems.

Have no fear, take it from me. So clearly, I dropped a M&M.

Sunday night I notice an ant in the house… I figure “Hey no problem its just one … or two, no big deal” Well Monday after work I come home and see one or two more ants in the same spot so I did some investigation work and… HOLLLLYY SHIT. Innnfeeessstttiooonn. Well not really, more like an isolated infestation.  Whoops. So my first rule in RVing

1.)    Don’t drop any food. If so promptly pick it up because you are liable to forget and forgetting brings ants.

 I’ve also learned a few more things with regards to Eleu….

1.)    She sucks at eating food off the floor. Like seriously Eleu, that’s your job. You eat food off the floor that falls and you failed this household miserably.

2.)    Don’t leave any jobs for Eleu.

So per Joe my punishment was that my eating in bed had been placed on suspension. While I argued for probation as I felt I had learned my lesson and believed it wouldn’t happen again; he wouldn’t budge.

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Corpus Christi is trying to make me kill my daughter. Conspiracy theory againist Eleu Zaruba

So, I’ve had Eleu for over a year. Got her February 2012. For the entire time we resided in Maryland Eleu Zaruba had a quiet life with no serious problems. Once she got her toe nail stuck in some medal thing while on a walk…. and I freaked and almost rushed her to the animal hospital. Closest near death experience for my little bitch. Now while residing in Corpus Christi, TX for a mere TWO WEEKS Eleu has two run ins with death.

First occurrence… wait you might need some background, we live next to a dude who has a German Shepard who doesn’t like Eleu, Joe or I…okay story time.

I was in my car headed to the beer store while Joe and Eleu where outside (Eleu secured in her harness). Next thing I know I see a tan fury ball run and Joe behind it yelling “ELEU!” I quickly get out of car, forgetting it’s in reverse. The German Shepard leaps at Eleu, she gets scared and runs underneath my backwards moving car. Can we say HEART ATTACK. Joe scoops up my baby, while I yell “does she need to go to the hospital?!?” Joes rushes her inside the house while I wait anxiously to find out if I just killed my daughter. Thankfully, Joe called me in 2 seconds later and Eleu was back to being the human fly mouth catcher we all love.

Second occurrence happened today… probably a week or less than the first near death experience. Eleu has been cooped up in the house all day so I figured, “Hey lets go to the beach so I can walk you in my bathing suit and not look like a dumbass”. Eleu told me it was a great idea as long as she didn’t think I was going to be laying out (She isn’t fond of the heat). So we gather our things and head 5 mins to the beach. Now dumbass locks my damn keys in the car WITH Eleu WITH the window up IN 100 degree heat. WHHATTT THHHEEE FUCKKKK. I panic call Joe, who is a work and took his car to the shop… so he’s carless. Then call my parents 1500+ miles away for help. So from their wise words I call progressive… fucking progressive. I tell them the urgency of my situation, that in another situation I wouldn’t mind waiting all fucking day, but I have a dog (next time people tell them it’s your child, they won’t know until they get there) in the car, dehydrating, in 100 degree heat. She says she will inform the towing company. The towing company tells me 45 mins!! Joe and my parents tell me to call the non emergency police in corpus Christi. I figured let me try calling the towing company first. I call them. DICKS, who say the dude is still 30-35 mins out. So I call the non emergency police of Corpus Christi who transfer me to animal control, who tells me this is a case for the police, who tell me that since eleu is not a small child they will not be able to assist me. ARE YOU SERIOUS? No one has any time to assist me, so what your saying,.. is my dog can overheat and die in the car?! Okay fuckers. I call Joe and tell him no one is coming anytime soon…by this time Eleu is starting to freak. So like a good mother, I pick up a rock to break the window. Who knew, it’s not really like glass glass. SO it bounces off my car and hits someone else’s car. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!??!?!?! (Luckily the lady was in the car, says she saw the whole thing not to worry it was an accident) So to my damsel in distress (meaning hysterically sobbing) a few men come and help me break the window. In which Eleu is free and I am crying like a fucking lunatic. I apologize get Eleu in the car and me, my now never will be pristine again car, and my scared little bitch rush to the comforts of water and our air conditioned home.  


In conclusion… something about Corpus Christi is trying to make me kill my daughter. What is a mother to do?

Don’t mind the bad hair… window and hysterics didn’t make me pretty, But mother and daughter are safe

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Just the beginning…

So, on June 12th 2013 my father, Eleu and I arrived safely in Corpus Christi, TX… I can’t say the same about my car. Due to some unforeseen bike situations I ended up with several dents, bangs and scratches on my once pristine car. Good thing, we only drove say…. 1500 miles with our bikes not securely fasten and unknowingly on the verge of a serious accident. Anyways, by the last 200 miles, if I didn’t think Joe would have killed me, those bikes would have been on the side of the road…(by the way dad…my bike is now currently in the trash!! That would have saved us some problems if we knew that’s where it would be anyways!!)

Eleu, that wonderful, beautiful, little bitch of mine had a serious case of separation anxiety and unfortunately wouldn’t allow any person to have any fun without her. (And much to my dismay too, you know… I actually thought my dog hated me and my father had it right… part of me was annoyed…a very small part, a large part of me was gitty with excitement…LADIES AND GENTS ELEU THE LITTLE BITCH LOVES ME.) Therefore, Baton Rouge gambling extravaganza was postponed new date to be determined. Next time little bitch goes on a road trip that wonderful crate is coming along to.

 So adjusting to my new lifestyle has been slightly difficult. I think I had several mini breakdowns and I’m (well Joe) is thankful for my fathers presents in the beginning.  Now that I’ve been here a week… and the temperature has been a cool 88 degrees at 7am I’ve started to realized…why did I need THIS many clothes? Did Amy Robinson Just Say That?!?! I’ve lived in my bathing suit and some shorts for the entire week in a half I’ve been here. Eleu on the other hand isn’t enjoying the heat as much as me, or the beach.


Now, I’ve officially been jobless for what almost a month…but lets not count the week from june 1-7th when I packed and then from june 9th-14th where I traveled and unpacked. So really I’ve been jobless for 6 days…JESUS that’s it?! I’m already going a little… okay a lot…stir crazy. I think that started somewhere along June 17th. I’ve started the process (Thanks to my loving parents from obtaining some past records from some of my “not the brightest moments”) to get my nursing license in Texas. And although some of you may be thinking easy peasy…. I won’t bore you with the juicy details but it may take some more time for this lovely individual to get it here. Regardless I’m glad I’ve decided to do it. So in the meantime, while I am waiting for this to work itself out I’ve started to apply to some part time jobs. Now, at times when I’m applying for these jobs I’m thinking “seriously Amy you spent 4 years in college…” but I need to come down from my high horse and say “Amy do you value your sanity?!?!” Hopefully something will pan out soon.


So, RV life hasn’t been too bad for me… except for the homesickness. Lets me real people, I told you, I’ve never been more than 2 hours away and now I’m like 22 hours!! Once I got home from dropping my father off at the airport I shed a few tears and a few more here and there. I’m just one big kid who loves her family J However, Joe is doing a great job at helping me adjust to this new non-money making, far away from home big kid.



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AH! Tomorrow is the day I leave. I can’t believe it. I’ve actually managed to pack up my entire apartment and actually fit most of the stuff in my car.  I only had one melt down, and realized I will def. be getting rid of more stuff once I get to Corpus Christi (… you know those MK and coach bags I just COULD NOT part with…we are going to go our separate ways.) I’m so excited/scared/nervous! I may be 25 years old, but I still require my mother come with my to ALL doctors appointments. I’ve never been THIS far away from my parents. I know a little separation anxiety at 25 years old! Pathetic… but I’m okay with that. My mom is by far my BEST FRIEND. But life is about new adventures, and I’m about to begin my biggest so far!

So tomorrow I’ll drop my amazing fiancé, Joe, off at the airport for his 830 flight back to OUR new home. Come back home and pick up my little baby Eleu and my Dad, Hopefully throw the last few things into the car, and start the journey.

(I’ve added a few before and after packing pictures because my mom deserves tons of credit. Only a mother’s love would turn my disaster zone back into what I moved into).

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A look inside my new home!


So my father was smart enough to bring his video tape with him when we bought the trailer! Mind you, I love my father, but he has one of the most unsteady video hands, so bear with him in the beginning….LOVE YOU DADDY! Anyways, I’m beyond happy to have this so that you guys can get a look inside, since (After working my 12hour night shift, and then heading straight to the RV purchase place in the A.M) I was not in any mood to take photos!


Hope you like it!


By the way, in the beginning it says “Dashlights working?!?” Because when they where installing the hitch they did something and everything on Joes very high tech dashboard stopped working…for about an hour they had no idea what to do.


Anyways, all turned out okay!!  

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Hello, I’m Amy! I’m 25 years young, recently engaged and living in Maryland. My fiancé and I have been dating for 5 years, five wonderful years of long distance. So after he proposed we started to talk seriously about living together. Clearly!

  • PROBLEM #1: His job requires him to travel all the time for long periods of time to anywhere in the United States… making actually having a home base virtually impossible.

  • PROBLEM #2: I’m a registered nurse, and my job doesn’t require me to travel.

SOLUTION: I leave my job as a Registered Nurse, we buy a travel trailer and he, I, and little bitch (my mutt Pomeranian) live together in happiness our miniature home.

Now, me being me LOVES this idea but the worry wart in me… and I mean worry wart to the extreme couldn’t help but think of every negative thing. (I once gave myself a panic attack over a make believe situation…situation being a NUCLEAR BOMB was going to hit D.C and I didn’t think I would have time to meet up with my brother, pick up my dog and travel to WV to meet my parents….think about this.. I gave myself a PANIC attack about NUCLEAR BOMB attack clearly I’m close enough to D.C that if the bomb hit.. I’m dead anyways. Shesh.)

  • NEGATIVE ONE: Where the hell would my favorite possessions go…  my vintage Chanel that I can’t leave without, my numerous MK bags, my coach purses, my Gucci, wait.. my JEWELERY case… you see the problem

  • NEGATIVE THREE: Um…is this the only closest? Joe…where do I put my things?!

Now I never pictured myself as this materialist snob… but clearly she is in there… and she was being loud and obnoxious.

SOLUTION: Don’t give a fuck. And wonderful fiancé built a bigger closet for me. Now that’s true love people.

Okay, so I gave my notice at work (last day June 1st!), started selling all my big furniture, started to throw my clothes into bags for good will, took a serious look at my shoe and bag collection and made some hard decisions. Although the journey has already started the first mile of the journey begins on June 9th, where I’ll begin my new life with a visit to the Carolina Shores for some R&R with my family. From there my mother and I will drive to Texas where my wonderful fiancé has already started working hard.

So here is my blog… to document this snobby inner material girls journey though “roughing it” in a 31 foot travel trailer with my future husband and our little bitch. Hope you enjoy our story!

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